Balacera Brothers

To be released Q2 2020

Balacera Brothers is a run n' gun game for PC, featuring:

  • Fun gameplay with non-stop action

  • Colorful pixel art

  • Energetic ska soundtrack

  • Stages loosely inspired by real places from around the world

  • 2-player local co-op

  • Playful tone similar to Konami classics such as Sunset Riders

This will mark the first commercial project by yours truly.

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Inspiration and goal

Balacera Brothers is my attempt to continue the legacy of playful, colorful, energetic-but-not-too-chaotic run n' gun games like Sunset Riders and Mystic Warriors.

I've always wanted to develop a run n' gun game. I knew the time had come when I saw what fellow OpenBOR developer Bloodbane had accomplished with his game "Contra: Locked and Loaded". With his blessing, I'm using his game as a template for Balacera Brothers.


The game will showcase colorful graphics, as is a tradition in my games, plus a healthy dose of checked patterns here and there. 

This project is giving me a chance to use old character designs and sketches that I've made over the years and that have been waiting for an opportunity to shine.


Balacera Brothers will feature a genre of music highly unusual in shooter and run n' gun games: ska! The energetic tunes will keep players pumped and having a good time.
The soundtrack , composed by dmledo, will likely include influences from other music genres such as surf rock and punk. 



  • Programmers: Bloodbane and Merso X

  • Art: Merso X

  • Music: dmledo