Power Rangers: Beats of Power
Power Rangers: Beats of Power - Special Edition

Released July 24, 2014; February 25, 2017

Power Rangers: Beats of Power is a free fan-made beat-em-up videogame. It combines aspects of classic Power Rangers video games for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, as well as adding original elements.

A couple of years after its release, I went back and added support for four-local co-op, extra enemies and levels, and improved mechanics. This was released as the Special Edition.

Power Rangers: Beats of Power - Special Edition is available for PC only.
The previous, vanilla edition is still available for Mac.



Title Screen



Inspiration and goal

The main idea was to give the Power Rangers their own Turtles in Time.

Originally, this was going to be a straight remake of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie game for Sega Genesis, with updated visuals, audio, and a faster-paced gameplay.  The project quickly evolved into something else. I decided to place the entirety of the game during season 2 of the TV show, right before the Power Transfer. I also added numerous features such as 4 player co-op, unmorphed fights, new stages, and a lot more.

zack comparison.jpg


All the sprites from the Sega Genesis game were recolored with the same palette used on the first Power Rangers game for the SNES, which was developed by Natsume.

The unmorphed sprites of the rangers were taken from that same game, upscaled to match the size of their Genesis counterparts. I also gave them a makeover to better resemble their looks from the show (and to be a wee less racist in the case of Zack). Cinematic cutscenes from the show were also added.

The Green Ranger sprites were made by supa2520 (supaman2520).



The game benefits greatly from the energetic tunes of the TV show. Also included are numerous voice clips and sound effects taken from the show.



  • Developed by Merso X

  • Goldar voice actor: Christopher Dean

  • Green Ranger Sprites by supa2520 (supaman2520)

  • Interior of Command Center based on 3D models by Kyle Maloney

  • Sprite Rippers: Merso X, Megas Rocks, Raikage, broli1230, Belial, Masque, Sid Starkiller, Grim, Tom Guycott, Omega

  • Select Tommy voice samples provided by Omega

  • Zedd's "Greetings, my friends" sample provided by Grace Francis/Jurious

  • "5-4-1" Mixed by Daniel

  • "Fight" Guitar Solo extracted by liveFinalFantasy

  • OpenBOR mentors: Bloodbane, Damon Caskey, nsw25, O Ilusionista, lagarto, bWWd, msmalik681

  • Patrons:   OldManWinters, Natsu × Ken



A selection of reviews from awesome gamers and journalists


"This game is awesome!"

The Geek Critique

"This Power Rangers fangame (...) is better than Mega Battle in every way. Just play this instead."

The Sentai Review / Fandom Knight

"This definitely feels like the Rangers game I wanted as a kid, that I did not get."



Power Rangers: Beats of Power is a free game.
If you enjoyed it and would like to support my efforts, please consider making a donation using the links below.


Additional Information

Game review "Wi-Fi recomendado" (Spanish)



Power Rangers: Beats of Power and Power Rangers: Beats of Power - Special Edition are fan-made videogames and are not associated with Hasbro, Bandai, Banpresto, Natsume, Sega or Saban Entertainment.