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Super Karate Kid

Released November 28, 2018

Super Karate Kid is a free fan-made remake of the 1987 game "The Karate Kid", which was developed by Atlus and published by LJN for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Differences include:

  • Updated graphics and sound

  • Background and foreground are easier to distinguish from each other.

  • Updated controls: designated buttons for jumping and special attacks. You won't enter bonus stages by accident anymore.

  • Short invincibility period after getting hit. No more getting sandwiched between two enemies.

  • New intro and ending sequences

  • Features appearance by arch nemesis Johnny Lawrence

Note: this game is available on PC only.

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Karate Kid, The (U).png

Inspiration and goal

I set out to update the 1987 game "The Karate Kid", developed by Atlus and published by LJN for the NES (pictured). This game was a bit ambitious for a movie tie-in platformer, and the developers did a commendable job in including references to the films and incorporating training sequences (very fitting, given that training and self-improvement is a vital part of the Karate Kid movie series).

Along with updating the game visuals and sound, I polished the game as much as I could to deliver an improved gaming experience.

Super Karate Kid was developed in only three weeks.



Every sprite and background was recolored and/or tweaked by yours truly. The intention was to add more colors to the game, as well as accentuate the distinction between platform and background elements, to make gameplay more intuitive.

Whenever possible, I would draw inspiration from the short-lived Karate Kid cartoon. This is mostly evident in the intro and ending animations of the game.



The music from the game comes from BenevolentDrums, who took the original NES OST and added a very energetic drum improvisation on top.

Super Karate Kid: Projects


  • Developed by Merso X 

  • Stage Music: “Karate Kid NES Drum Improv” by BenevolentDrums

  • Sinusoid motion and ammo counter scripts by O Ilusionista

  • Wind FX script by Bloodbane

  • Stage maps ripped by gRE3N744

  • Big thank you to all my patrons: Skip Wescott, oldmanwinters, Paul Brown, Natsu × Ken, Aaron Meredith, The Geek Critique, James hollie, Alex Galarza, NintenJoe, Jelly, Bryan Sime, Ezequiel Fuentes Jr, Kenny Benjamin, Nielzabub
    Trevor, David Reeder

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A selection of reviews from awesome gamers and journalists


Super Karate Kid was chosen as the best OpenBOR game of 2018 by this popular YT channel. Thanks! (video in Portuguese)

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Super Karate Kid is a free game.
If you enjoyed it and would like to support my efforts, please consider making a donation using the links below.

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Super Karate Kid: List


Super Karate Kid is a fan-made videogame and it's not associated with Overbrook Entertainment, Sony pictures, Columbia Pictures, Saban Entertainment, DC Comics, DIC Entertainment, DHX Media, Cookie Jar Entertainment, LJN, or Atlus.

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