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Super ThunderCats: The Lost Eye of Thundera

Released October 12, 2016

Super Thundercats: The Lost Eye of Thundera is a remake of the 1987 game. It features updated graphics and music, smoother gameplay, stages featuring the Thundertank, and a much needed final confrontation against Mumm-Ra (the original game ends abruptly after completing the last stage).

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  • Developed by Merso X

  • Title theme: Thundercats (Without Fear Remix) by Funk Reflex. Originally composed by Rob Hubbard.

  • Stage music by Martin Barreby. Originally composed by Bernard Hoffer. 

  • The small Thundercats logo in HUD was created by PrimeOp.

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A selection of reviews from awesome gamers and journalists

"I highly recommend that you download this game if you're a Thundercats fan, as I know you'll enjoy it despite its simplicity." (Video in Spanish.)

Cinemassacre Plays

"This game is actually playable, a little redundant."

(Now that's a solid endorsement!)

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Super ThunderCats: List


Super ThunderCats: The Lost Eye of Thundera is a fan-made videogame and it's not associated with Warner Bros, Entertainment, Elite Systems or Gargoyle Games.

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