Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-Palooza!

Released June 13, 2019

It’s Pizza Time! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-Palooza is a free fan-made beat-em-up game based on the TMNT! An update and homage to the classic NES titles, with tons of characters playable for the first time!

Vital Tortistics:

- 60 playable characters

- 17 stages

- 4 Bonus stages

- 4-player local coop

- Improved graphics

- Voice clips from the TV show

- Rideable vehicles

- Countless references to the original TMNT cartoon and toyline!

UPDATED July 2, 2019. Latest version: 1.1.1

Download the game here!



TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: RESCUE-PALOOZA! is a non-profit project created by fans, and is in no way affiliated with Viacom, Nickelodeon, Mirage Studios, Konami, Ultra Games, Lionsgate, Fred Wolf Films, Stan Sakai, or Playmates Toys.






Inspiration and goal

This project started as a remake of TMNT3 for the NES, then became a remake of TMNT2, and eventually it evolved into Rescue-Palooza.

One thing I needed to make sure is that this was, above all, a FUN game. I incorporated the goofy and playful tone of the original cartoon and the Playmates toy line at every chance I got.

krang comparison.jpg


Ever since the release of Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES, I have wanted to see many other NES titles get a graphics makeover, and Rescue-Palooza allowed me to do just that with the classic TMNT videogames of the NES era.

Most characters from the NES games reappear here, with a much more colorful appearance and in some cases, new animations. Recoloring and tweaking these 8-bit era sprites was one of my favorite tasks during the development of Rescue-Palooza.

Some characters' sprites were made from scratch using stills from the TV show as a guide.

mutant food.jpg


The amazing tracks from the original games reappear here, as well as some new additions such as:



  • Developed by Merso X

  • OpenBOR scripts and support: Bloodbane  and O Ilusionista

  • Music: "Construction Stage" and "Technodrome Boss" by Powder AKA Casey Jones, "Channel 6 Stage" by Cosmic Gem, "Sewer Surfin’" by  Coatlesscarl, "Star Base" by ChiptunedRaijin

  • Trailer music by dmledo (

  • Sprites ripped by: Merso X, Tom Guycott, chiasm, Mario Gamer, Mepheal, redblueyellow, nsw25,, GaBoTiCo, Enscripture, belial, WernerWarhead14, Dolphman, Cabanaman, A.J. Nitro

  • Mouser and Venom base sprites and programming from  the mod “TMNT 8 BIT RECOLORED AND EXTENDED”  by GaBoTiCo

  • Prologue written by Merso X and Alexx (

  • Epilogue written by The Sewer Den (

  • PATRONS: Skip Wescott, Oldmanwinters , Paul Brown, Aaron Meredith, James Hollie, NintenJoe, The Geek Critique, Nielzabub, Natsu x Ken, Alex Galarza, David Reeder, Toben Alexander, Jelly, Bobby MacGibbon, Bryan Sime, Kenny Benjamin, Trevor, Joe Hamilton



  • To Mirage Studios, Fred Wolf Films, Playmates Toys, Konami, and everyone involved in 80’s and 90’s Turtlemania

  • The awesome and helpful OpenBOR community

  • All Merso X followers on social media

  • Oldmanwinters, for providing numerous resources for this project

  • To my dear wife, for her patience!



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